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n 1380, the legend tells that the father prior of Carthusia Monastery of St Giacomo, Queen Giovanna was soon to arrive on the island of Capri. He then began to create a flower arrangement with the most beautiful flowers of the island. The flowers sat in the same water for three days and when the prior went to throw them away he noticed the water had a acquired a beautiful fragrance.

He took his findings to an alchemist who traced the fragrance back to a wild carnation native to Capri. That water became the first perfume of Capri. In 1948, the prior of the Monastery discovered the old perfume formulas of fragrances, and by permission of the Pope created the smallest laboratory in the world, called “Carthusia”.

Today, the tradition of Carthusia perfume continues, as the limited production methods are the same ones used by the Carthusian monks. All perfume preparations are made from natural raw materials of high quality - even the finished product is hand-wrapped. The essence derived from rosemary picked on Monte Solaro is used in the men’s fragrance, while the wild pink Capri is the basis of women's fragrances.