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orld famous Italian brand Lorenzo Villoresi is bright and fulfilling fragrances that do not have borders that can cause a surge of feelings. Master Florentine Lorenzo Villoresi perfume traveled to the Middle East in search of inspiration and new ideas. Intense smell of eastern trees, aromatic resins and sensual cloud of exotic spices charmed him and became the meaning of his life. That is why sensible patchouli, strict sandalwood, intriguing incense, thick spices, thin subtle musk became his autograph in the world of modern niche perfumery.

Rich in charm and harmony fragrances are enclosed in hexagonal bottles of colored crystal with a cap of silver. Handmade cases of Florentine leather will surprise even the most demanding connoisseur of luxury perfumes. Items for the bathroom in white marble beckon to touch them, jugs of travertine - elegant revival of classic, soft transparency of alabaster wraps scented candles. So a sense of movement in the other dimension appears where you can be guided only by the senses.

In 2006, Lorenzo Villoresi won the prestigious award in the field of perfumery art Prix Coty. His success - it is a celebration of ancient traditions in perfumery.