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or more than two centuries L.T. Piver, has been synonymous of perfected, authentic fragrances that are the embodiment of seduction, dreams and emotions. Since the days of Louis XVI to the 21st century L.T. Piver successfully married the classics and modernity, tradition and progress. The story begins in Paris in 1774, in a perfume shop «A la Reine des Fleurs», with the seller Michael Adam, an active man, who eventually was able to become the official supplier of the court of Louis XVI and, later, the royal families of Europe. In 1799 Pierre Guillaume Disse, a close relative, took over the family business from his son, and then handed over the reins to Louis Toussaint Piver, founder of the dynasty Piver.

Under the guidance of his adventurous ancestor brand L.T. Piver quickly grew and began to conquer the world, marked the beginning of an incredible story of success. By the 19th century, L.T. Piver had more than 100 branches around the world, including England, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Russia and Brazil. In Paris, a few stores were opened to meet the growing customer base of the company. One of the most loyal fans of the brand were the Bonaparte family and, later, Sarah Bernhardt. Because of its many fragrances, each of which is created from the rarest essences, the company was able to confirm its undoubted success in the World's Fairs.

L.T. Piver always stood alongside such legendary brands as Guerlain, Houbigant, E. Coudray and Lubin, and this is not surprising.

With a rich and illustrious past, fragrances L.T. Piver continues today to lure and seduce men and women with a very personal perception of luxury.