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uring the reign of Louis XVIII, Edmond Coudray, doctor-chemist, started to supply Eaux de Cologne, creams, soaps, salves and pomades to the greatest crowned heads of England, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Brazil and Russia. He soon began to concoct luxurious perfumes for them, such precious fragrances as "Reve de reine", "Gants poudrus", "Bouquet des souverains” and the famous “Aqua Divina”, which has a lot of fans to this day. Edmond Coudray created the personal fragrance "Reine Victoria" for Queen Victoria of England.

The brand, with L.T. Piver, Lubin, Houbigant and Guerlain was among the five greatest perfume makers of the 19th century. On the death of Edmond Coudray in 1860 his son-in-law took over the company. The company never changed its name and under its different owners remained true to its founding principles of tradition, quality and refinement.

To this day the perfume house E.Coudray creates masterpieces that are nothing worse than their predecessors, which were decorating luxurious royal boudoirs.

The innovative concept of the Espace Bain (“bath line”) includes delicious perfumed creams and body oils.

House E.Coudray updated original formulas of perfumes, carefully kept in the archives. Exquisite packaging reflects the style of the royal era, characterising E.Coudray: elegant bottles are decorated with floral arabesques.

Each fragrance of E.Coudray is an ode to romanticism and femininity.