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nR Create is dedicated to create a new magical experience in perfumes and scented products. It unveils the mystical connection between fragrance and the mystery of person's birth. The brand unites ancient wisdom and contemporary lifestyles. Robert Boehm, an Austrian astrologist and Andreas Kolar, a senior executive based in South of France, founded CnR Create in 2008. Partnering with Olivier Funel, a highly regarded new generation French master perfumer, CnR launched their first product line in autumn 2009 – Star Sign perfumes for women. Following the success of the women perfumes, they introduced the men’s series in 2010. In 2011 the new Gallaxy Collection was created – refined pure perfume in hand-made crystal bottles.

After months of research in ancient scripts and formulations, renowned Astrologist Robert Boehm and Perfumer Olivier Funel succeeded in creating 12 distinct scents which mirror the character of each zodiac sign in a respective matching perfume. Every perfume unique, every one blended with the best of ingredients to accentuate the personality and allure of the wearer. All the products are made in Grasse, France, which is known as perfume capital of the world and a specially designed Italian bottle perfectly reflects the planets and stars.

The line is CnR Create has men and women's fragrance for each sign of the zodiac, so it will be easy to find fragrance that will fit its owner the best and inspire the others.