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alé Fragranze d'Autore - collection of fragrances, each inspired by short excerpts from stories, flashes of memories and of emotions, to which Silvio Levi, the President and beating heart of Calé, wants to give an olfactory form. A real passion and enormous respect for the art of perfumery. Such are the solid foundations beneath Calé Fragranze d’Autore. Its creations are olfactory poetry directed at those who like to “listen” to perfumes, allowing them to win them over with the tales and the wizardry that emanate from them.

Both in Italy and abroad, Calé has become a benchmark in the more than half a century it has spent researching, selecting and distributing brands and products that are now unquestioned cornerstones of artistic perfumery.

During this time, Silvio Levi has learnt a great deal and gradually consolidated his ability to recognise and appreciate originality and ingenuity of composition in perfumes.

Levi’s passion and love for the beautiful creations of artistic perfumery have often blossomed into an open exchange of opinions, discussion and further development on the theme with some of the greatest of “noses” who, with their masterful creative capacities, have provided him with an increasingly intimate knowledge of the art of composing perfumes.

That is how, little by little, Silvio Levi eventually came to make his dream come true: to establish his own brand with fragrances created entirely under his own guidance, from the first inspiration to the final composition.

And that is why he is now proud of the line he has decided to call Calé Fragranze d’Autore.