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zalea was founded in 2004 as a company specializing in distribution of niche perfume brands. To date, we have established close working relationships with all regions of Ukraine, which contributes the most effective promotion of any brand.

Our clients are major operators of Ukrainian perfume market: networks and boutiques. Considering the dynamics of the industry and the variety of the offered brands, the company has set a goal to collect in its portfolio those brands that are the world leaders. Currently our collection includes products from almost every famous region of the world of perfumery.

Special attention is paid to the educational program and staff development to improve the quality of services at partner retail outlets. Raising "fragrant" consumer culture is an integral part of the strategy of the company.

Following the philosophy of "Niche perfumery - a luxury available to everyone", we do everything so that our products meet the requirements and wishes of demanding customers who are becoming more attentive creating their fragrant image.